National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Phindi Louw-Mjonondwane says they are proud of the seven-year-old rape victim for rebutting the version of confessed rapist Nicholas Ninow.

This is after Ninow said in a statement that the victim found him in the toilet cubicle. However, the victim disputed this during her testimony and said that Ninow followed her into the bathroom.

He had pleaded guilty to raping the girl in a toilet cubicle at the Dros restaurant in Silverton in Pretoria last year.

He also pleaded guilty to defeating the ends of justice and possession of drugs at the High Court in Pretoria. However, he did not plead guilty to the charge of assault.

He was allegedly found half dressed with the little girl in a toilet cubicle in the restaurant after she called for help.

A doctor’s report indicated her private parts were swollen, bruised and torn.

Louw-Mjonondwane says the girl’s version proves that Ninow’s intention was to harm her.

“The accused in his version said the child found him in the bathroom. So, it was important for the state to call the child to testify about the sequence of events that the accused followed her and by doing that we wanted to prove to the court he had the intention to harm the child.”

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