[WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT] Police confirm discovery of a human head believed to be linked to Protea Glen body parts case

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Police have confirmed the discovery of a head believed to be that of a woman whose remains were found in a fridge in Protea Glen, Soweto, on Saturday.

The 26-year-old Flavio Hlabangwane is in police custody on charges of murder.

He was arrested after his girlfriend, who was visiting him, found the human remains and alerted authorities.

Soweto man arrested after body parts found in fridge:


Police Spokesperson, Brenda Muridili says, “The police have found a human skull buried in a shallow grave next to Glen Ridge, Westanoria road, R558. The skull is linked to the human limbs found on Saturday. These body parts are being connected to a 23-year-old woman from Soshanguve in Pretoria.”

Residents of Protea Glen in Soweto have been left traumatised following the discovery of human body parts.

The owner of the house said he is finding it difficult to explain to his children what transpired. The owner says that he was telephonically alerted to the gruesome discovery by residents.

The suspect’s case was on Monday postponed to next week at the Protea Magistrate’s Court. This is to allow him time to appoint a legal representative.   

NPA Spokesperson, Phindi Mjonondwane says, “(Flavio) Hlabangwane was remanded in custody until 22 November 2021 for him to apply for legal representation with Legal Aid South Africa. The case relates to the discovery of various female body parts inside a fridge in a room rented by the accused person.”