A psychologist has told the High Court in Pretoria that the self-confessed child rapist, Nicholas Ninow, is not a paedophile. The psychologist, who asked not to be named, testified in mitigation of sentencing in Ninow’s rape trial.

He was found guilty of raping the then seven-year-old girl in September 2018 at a Dros Restaurant. He also pleaded guilty to the possession of drugs and defeating the ends of justice.

The psychologist told the court that Ninow was emotionally, physically and sexually abused until he was 8-years-old and has been abusing drugs since he was 13 years old.

She says the diagnostics show Ninow is not a paedophile.

“He has committed a sexual offence against a child, outside of that offence there are no indications of sexual thoughts or fantasies or urges towards pre-pubescent children. His behaviour can thus not be classified as a pattern or being recurrent, nor extending beyond the six month time period usually required for the diagnosis.”

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The clinical psychologist adds that it is possible that convicted rapist Ninow substituted his seven-year-old victim for his girlfriend in a state of arousal.

She says that research shows that the use of narcotics can lead to sexual arousal.

“I’m just saying that obviously in his mind, in that moment, I don’t know exactly what he was thinking, but it’s very possible that he was sexually aroused and there wasn’t an adult there, so he turned to a child. I’m saying it’s very possible.”

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