The little girl who was raped in a toilet cubicle at a Dros Restaurant in Pretoria will testify in the High Court in Pretoria with the help of a mediator via CCTV on Wednesday.

Nicholas Ninow, admitted to raping the child twice in the toilet cubicle. He said he was in possession of drugs and tried to destroy evidence when he flushed her panties down the toilet.

It is understood more witnesses will still testify for the state.

A former childminder at the Dros Restaurant started crying while testifying about the emotional impact the incident had on her on Tuesday.

The woman, who requested to remain anonymous, says she escorted the little girl to the toilet. When the girl didn’t come back, they went looking for her.

The childminder, the mother and three waitresses pushed a door open. The woman told the High Court when the door opened, she saw the little girl with her skirt on, but without her purple leggings.

 Ninow had no shirt on, but his trouser zip was open.

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