Wallabies coach says he remains fully committed to Australian rugby

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Wallabies coach Eddie Jones says he remains fully committed to Australian rugby.

The Wallabies are all but out of the World Cup in France, after suffering a humiliating 40-6 thrashing at the hands of Wales in Lyon last night.

The Welsh scored three unanswered tries and became the first team to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Reports from France say Jones has already met with Japanese officials to take over as head coach after the tournament.

But an agitated Jones has denied this, “I really take umbrage at people questioning, that people are questioning my commitment to coaching Australia. I really take umbrage at it.”

“I’ve been working nonstop since I’ve come here and I apologise for the results. I keep saying that. But to doubt my commitment to the job I think is a bit red hot.”

Jones adds: “So we’re not going to deal with any of those questions any further. I’m happy to talk about Wales. I’m happy to talk about Portugal. But if you want to keep going down that line of questioning, I will excuse myself.”