Wakefields Property Management has withdrawn a notice it had issued to tenants at a block of flats in Morningside, Durban, regarding the burning of incense sticks during prayer rituals.

The South African Maha Sabha organisation also intervened and demanded that the notice be retracted, citing religious intolerance.

In a statement, Wakefields Property acknowledged that the initial circular dated the 9th September 2020, may have been worded in a way that the message was misconstrued.

The management further states that the intention was not to judge anyone on their culture, religion or race but rather to carry out the instruction of the Trustees of the Body Corporate in resolving complaints at the property.

A letter clarifying the position of the Body Corporate and rectifying the matter has since been sent to the residents and can be read in the Facebook post below:

-Report by Navitha Gajraj