Taxi operators in Thembalethu in George in the Western Cape have suspended operations, claiming that they are being harassed by members of the provincial traffic department’s ghost squad.

They say the ghost squad has impounded 40 taxis this past week alone.

The ‘strike’ by taxi operators has affected commuters negatively as they have been left stranded and seeking alternative modes of transport.


Meanwhile in the North West, several taxis were impounded during a joint operation by the North West Police, Road Traffic Management Corporation and the Rustenburg local municipality.

The operation targeted taxi operators along major routes in and out of Rustenburg.

Spokesperson for the Rustenburg municipality David Magae said the operation follows complaints by residents who were been harassed when hitch hiking.

Magae said, “This operation is as a result of pass complaints received through the Directorates of Public Safety wherein residents and the community where being taken out of private vehicles following what would have been a hijacking and in some instance there would have been assault where taxi drivers demand these people be removed from the private vehicles failing which they shall be punished.”