W.C govt wants answers from SA Revenue

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The Western Cape Government says it has not received any allocation from the National Department of Environment’s plastic levy revenue.

Democratic Alliance (DA) Member of the Provincial Legislature, Tertuis Simmers says the SA Revenue Service has collected over a billion rand since the levy was introduced 14 years ago.

It is paid into the National Revenue Fund.

Simmers says the levy is intended to assist in plastic recycling projects to reduce pollution of the environment.

He says to date just over 900 million rand has been allocated to recycling projects across the country, but none in the Western Cape.

“What are they using the funds for – because in effect, the plastic bag problem is getting worse every year – and yet the fund was created to address this, so that we can roll-out effective recycling projects and awareness campaigns in our communities but it’s currently not happening,” says Simmers.


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