Vryheid residents urged to disinfect water in cholera scare

Water from a tap
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The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health is urging residents of Vryheid and surrounding areas to use only water that has been disinfected for drinking.

This follows the admission of scores of people to Vryheid Hospital who were suffering from diarrhoea earlier this week.

Acting Head of Department of Health in KZN, Dr Musa Gumede, says 54 patients have visited the hospital in relation to diarrhoea between 22 and 24 March.

He says some patients were admitted and treated for cholera although the source hasn’t been identified.

“We have taken samples from the water and still awaiting the final results. We treat every case as if it is cholera although we have not identified the organism yet,” says Dr Gumede.

Dr Gumede is advising residents to boil water before consuming it or buy bottled water if it possible.

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