Voting stations open from 08:00 to 17:00 on Saturday and Sunday for special votes

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Voting stations will open from 8am and close at 5pm on Saturday and Sunday for those who will be casting their special votes.

The IEC will also be conducting home visits this weekend for those who are infirm or disabled.

Applications for special voting closed on October 4 with 1.1 million South Africans having applied for the facility.

IEC CEO Sy Mamabolo says, “Two officials of the IEC will visit you. We want to encourage party agents to tag along and when they get to your home you will be given the two or the necessary numbers of voting ballots. You will mark those ballots in secret put them in an envelope that is not marked and that envelope that is not marked will be placed in a bigger envelope wherein your details will be put and a special bag will be used to deposit those ballots. Back at the voting stations they will be reconciled to a voters roll as well as the list of special voters.”

LGE 2021 | IEC CEO Sy Mamabolo on the state of readiness for municipal polls:


The IEC says strict COVID-19 protocols will be observed at voting stations and has reminded voters that they can only vote in the ward in which they are registered.