Voting station in private yard in Tshwane poses no issues: IEC

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The IEC in Tshwane says there is nothing untoward in a voting station located in someone else’s yard. Residents at Ward 28 in Nelmappius in Mamelodi, East of Pretoria, have raised concerns about a voting station located at a private residence.

They claim they were only informed on Tuesday that they would no longer be voting at their usual voting station which is a tent located on an open veld but rather at a neighbour’s garage.

The IEC says it prefers a permanent structure over a temporary one in case of any eventualities. It also says pitching a tent is more costly as it needs to be accompanied by other things such as ablution facilities.

IEC outreach and training officer in Tshwane, Clement Ntlailane says aggrieved voters are welcome to lodge a complaint.

“Unless the house was painted with logos, political parties and there was a palsy of parties and things like that, that was not in line with keeping with rules of engagement with features a facility must have, we’d relook into the facility. But if there are people who are aggrieved the doors are always open.”