Voters leave Mthatha City Hall following technical glitch

Voters waiting to cast their ballot
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Some voters at the Mthatha City Hall voting station in the Eastern Cape experienced challenges in voting after the polls opened this morning.

A technical glitch resulted in their names not appearing on the voters’ roll.

Some of the voters have left the station.

One resident says the system shows that he is deceased, “Home Affairs made a big mistake. The deceased is RA Wittstock, and I am MA Wittstock. But I still carry my passport, my book of life. I am MA Wittstock, but my twin brother has passed on. We are identical twins.”

Another adds, “They are saying my name is not appearing on the voters’ roll. This is surprising to me because when they said we must go and check if we are registered, I came.”

“I am supposed to be voting here in Townhall, but when I came here, they told me I cannot vote because my name does not appear on the voters’ roll,” says a third.

Khayakazi Magudumana, the Provincial Electoral Commissioner, says challenges experienced by some voters have been addressed: “Indeed there was a glitch, but it was about five minutes. We were told that there was a glitch, and people must just be patient. We have communicated that with the staff in voting stations, and people indeed are voting in voting stations.”

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