Some residents of the North West capital, Mahikeng, who have cast their votes for local government, insist that those elected must urgently address their service delivery issues. These include water shortages.

Most voting stations around Mahikeng got off to a slow start. While some were happy to cast their ballots, voters say water provision, electricity, and jobs are some of their main concerns.

“There are no jobs. We need water and proper roads in our ward,” says one of the voters.

Another voter says; “We haven’t got water in this place, and the place is dirty. We’ve got nothing, the roads are broken.”

At the Ward 15 voting station, some residents lined up outside the community hall for water while registered voters cast their ballots.

This was a stark reminder of water shortages and how it has impacted the daily lives of residents.

“I want to see developments in our ward because they promised service delivery, but they didn’t deliver. So, my vote today, I wish that we can have delivery. You see there’s a lack of water, residents are suffering,” says one of the residents, Gogontle Gopane.

The residents are hopeful that the new council will address their service delivery challenges.

Residents of Marikana in North West complain about poor service delivery: