Voter registration process improves in Vuwani

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has indicated that things have improved in the Vuwani area of Limpopo on Sunday compared to Saturday with regard to the voter registration exercise.

Almost 900 people were registered at 29 stations which were opened on Saturday.

Police from other areas in the province have been deployed to the area.

Some schools which locked out IEC officials on Saturday are open.

IEC provincial manager Nkaro Mateta says almost all voting stations opened on time except for one due to poor road conditions.

“We ported that five stations recorded a zero registration on Sunday, we opened on time except for one that open after nine because the roads are just bad to access those areas. However, now we are now fully open and fully operational again the same voting station that recorded no activities on Saturday still there is no activity.”

However in Wonderkop near Marikana in the North West, the IEC in the North West has closed down voting stations.

Residents had earlier interfered with the registration process after complaining about a lack of service delivery and high rate of unemployment.

“The situation in Wonderkop is untenable so we might force to close four stations. However the commission has not made any decision because it cannot. It is early yet about whether or not a weekend like this can be repeated across the nation,” explains Provincial Officer Dr Pelontle Thiba.

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