Vote buying and bribing will not be accepted ahead of ANC National Elective Conference: Motlanthe

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The processes of nomination and campaigning for the African National Congress (ANC) leadership positions, for the 55th National Elective Conference, will officially commence in September. This will see a lot of vigorous campaigns, not only by those vying for the top six positions but those who will be seeking a spot in the National Executive Committee of the ANC.

ANC Chairperson of the Electoral Committee, Kgalema Motlanthe told a media briefing held at the ANC headquarters Luthuli House in Johannesburg, that, those who want to lead, will have to make sure that they are clean from any corrupt activities including serious charges of crime.

In less than four months, the ANC will converge for the 55th National Elective Conference. But the road to that conference will not be an easy one for those who seek to be in leadership positions.

Motlanthe says the party’s National Executive Committee has agreed unanimously that, the “step aside” resolution will be applied to the tee, come the conference in December.

He says members of the incoming NEC will have to be clean from any criminal charges, both within and outside of the ANC. Motlanthe told the media briefing that nominations and campaigning for the conference will be guided by rules that will be applied without any favour.

He says no one may manipulate or change this process unless cleared by a court of law or the ANC Integrity Committee.

“It also applies to those who are awaiting a decision or appeal. So once you are charged like that, you are disqualified. The rules also apply to members who are temporarily suspended, pending the outcome of a court or disciplinary action and to members on whose cases the integrity commission of the ANC have completed and submitted a report and recommendation of suspension of membership.”

Motlanthe says, the NEC has however expressed concern over the continued trend of having slates, ahead of conferences of the party. He says even vote buying and bribes will not be accepted.

“The slates are what the resolution of the conference said should be done away with, should be eliminated from these democratic processes. The way to do it is to inculcate and clarify each member, so that members themselves, remember the best defenders of the organisation are its members. So, members themselves, once they are approached by me with a list, they should report me.”

The National Executive Committee of the ANC has called on delegates to the December national elective conference to ensure that the best leaders are elected.

Motlanthe says as lobbying and campaigning for the conference begin, ANC members will have to be vigilant and make sure that it is done in accordance with the ANC’s electoral rules.

ANC addresses the media on its official nomination process and rules: