‘Vodacom used Makate’s intellectual property unlawfully’

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The “Please Call Me” inventor Nkosana Makate’s legal representatives have argued in the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in Bloemfontein, that network provider Vodacom was using his intellectual property unlawfully.

Senior Counsel Cedric Puckrin argued that his intellectual property would have gone to Vodacom had the company adhered to its contractual obligations.

The respondents say part of the agreement was that Makate’s invention had to meet two conditions comprising technical and commercial viability.

Makate says he is hopeful that the SCA’s outcome will also go his way.

“We’re always hopeful when we come to court. I think we’ve presented our case, that the order of the high court was correct and it should be applied. I’m hopeful that will be done,” adds Makate.

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