The murder of seven Khoza family members in Vlakfontein will be the subject of an inquest. This will establish the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

In a shock move, the NPA withdrew charges against the remaining accused Fita Khupe. Khupe and the late Ernst Mabaso were implicated in the mass murder.

Mabaso committed suicide in prison.

The community later barricaded the Golden Highway south of Johannesburg in protest.

Khupe walked away from a Schedule six offence for murder and escaped a 15-year stretch of porridge in a jail cell.

Magistrate Maggie van der Merwe said that charges against his co-accused, the late Mabaso, were also withdrawn.

“All charges are withdrawn against both accused, one in absentia and accused 2 who is in court. I, unfortunately, cannot offer any explanation. It is not a decision made by the court, but by the prosecution.”

With Mabaso out of the picture, the prosecution’s case crumbled.

Phindi Mjonjondwane of the NPA says that the case has to be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

“The death of accused 1, who is the later Mr Ernst Mabaso, had a detrimental effect on the case.”

Residents feel that the law has failed them.

“Our law is failing us. I am really angry with this. This man cannot sleep with seven people in a house and not smell anything and he is not a killer at the end of the day. He is a killer. He knows how to kill people. Something is not right here or maybe something is not right with Lenasia court. Now he is a free man.”

Community Social Worker, Mandisa Muruge says that they are angry as justice has been denied.

“How can this person go free? This (can’t) happen. Where is justice for this seven? The court misled people. These are not flies; these are people. We are all angry there is no justice here. There is no justice in SA.”

A formal inquest will now be held.