Visual structural assessment of National Assembly shows cracks on second, third floor: De Lille

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Public Works and Infrastructure Development Minister Patricia De Lille says the visual assessment of the structural damage to the National Assembly caused by last Sunday’s fire shows that there are cracks on the second and third floors.

The preliminary assessment was done by a team of the Department’s engineers.

De Lille reiterated that the assessment report and other evidence cannot be made public as they form part of a crime scene.

“In consultation with the Hawks, an internal DPWI professional team has produced a preliminary visual assessment of the damages including the safety aspect of the site due to the recent fires. The professional team’s visual assessment showed that there is deep structural damage to the New Assembly. The slabs are damaged and also some cracks on the second and third floor. The department has activated the procurement of an independent specialist engineering team to conduct further detailed assessments and testing of material strength. And the preliminary visual assessment report and photos have been handed over to the Hawks and we are not allowed to share it because it is part of the evidence from a crime scene.”

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