Violence in schools reflects SA communities: Cosas

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The Congress of South African Students (Cosas) says the ongoing violent incidents in schools is a result of the violence displayed in communities. In the latest incident, a learner was stabbed to death allegedly by a fellow learner at a Johannesburg school. COSAS President John Macheke says the only way to solve the problem is to first tackle the violence in communities and calling all community leaders to get involved.

“The problem is within our own communities. Remember the violence that is displayed is our own schools is the violence that is displayed in our own communities. We have spoken about community imbizo’s engaging with different community members,” he says.

Macheke  says  every individual living in a  community, from  doctor to  motivational speakers, must be vocal about violence in  communities to help fight it.

“If we fight this violence in our own communities we will not have violence in our own schools,” says Macheke.

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