Vietnam National Assembly meets to approve leader positions

Newly announced Vietnamese President, To Lam
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Vietnamese National Assembly reconvened its 7th meeting on Monday as they are set to vote for a new president after the country’s fifth-ranking leader has quit her posts over accusations of power abuse.

The ruling Communist Party has so far named two nominees to replace the president position namely To Lam, the Minister of Police, and Tran Thanh Man, the National Assembly Chairman.

After approval from parliament, which could come next week, General Lam, 66, will replace Vo Van Thuong, who stepped down in March after being accused of violating party rules, just over a year after his appointment.

Lam will retain his police minister job even after being elected as state president, according to Bui Van Cuong, the parliament’s general secretary.

The president holds a largely ceremonial role but is one of the country’s top four political positions. The others are the party chief, the prime minister and the parliament speaker.

The party on Monday elected Tran Thanh Man as the new chairman of the National Assembly, replacing Vuong Dinh Hue, who resigned last month over “violations and shortcomings.”

Man, 61, has served as deputy chairman of the parliament since 2021.