Women have not advanced to the top echelons of the property sector whether as property owners or as leaders of established companies. That’s according to the Women’s Property Network.

The organisation says there are no or very few listed property companies that are led by women and that gender transformation has been slow.

It is also about fixing glaring gender disparities that are endemic in the sector.

Property expert from Dineo Molomo Properties, Dineo Molomo says it has been slow in transformation.

“Starting up a property company in this sector has been difficult. We are all competing against each other and a lot of these companies have been around since 1994 and even before then. Looking for the right property takes time and potential buyers are always on the lookout for a good bargain. Estate agents have to know their stuff, they have to do their homework properly when comes to the area, schools, home-owners rights, the rights of tenants etc,” she says.

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