The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), led by Velenkosini Hlabisa, launched its 2021 Local Government Elections manifesto at Greyville Racecourse in Durban on Thursday, 30 September 2021.

The party’s manifesto was delivered by Hlabisa and comprised a 10-point plan outlining the party’s goals.

In the 2016 LGE, the IFP garnered 4.25% of all votes, resulting in 432 council seats being afforded to the party. The IFP gained control of seven councils, most being in KwaZulu-Natal in traditional ANC strongholds.

IFP’s 2021 Manifesto Priorities:

Lead with integrity

The party pledged that all its 2570 candidates would serve their communities with integrity, hold themselves accountable, and run a corruption-free administration.

People empowerment

The party said it would prioritise localisation, industrialisation, and beneficiation as key tools of creating jobs, and enhancing the skills and expertise of young people to respond directly to the needs of their respective local economies.

Food security

The party promised to prioritise the rights of farm workers, who are described as “a key component of food security”. The party said it would support and promote the sustainable use of land; and ensure the necessary access to land.

Partnering with traditional leaders

The party said it would continue to partner with traditional leaders in areas that it governs.

Community safety

IFP-led municipalities, the party said, would prioritise the safety of women, children and LGBTQI+ persons through dedicated funding for crime prevention and victim support. The party said it believed the justice system needed to be overhauled, with space made for “municipal courts”. The party is also advocating for municipal police services.


The party believes housing spatial planning should be refocused on ensuring citizen proximity and easy access to places of work, travel, road and rail, and other socio-economic amenities.


The party said it would enhance basic access to primary healthcare by the provision of mobile municipal clinics, particularly in rural localities; this will also include employing municipal nurses and health practitioners.


The party endeavoured to focus on investing in water infrastructure, ensuring infrastructure maintenance, and connecting households. It said it would make a concerted effort to prioritise fixing water leaks and drains and ensuring functional sewage systems.


The party said committed to providing electricity to all homes and businesses where it governs. Additionally, it promised free public wi-fi hubs in all communities.

Youth development

The party said it would prioritise Early Childhood Development Centres and sports infrastructure where it governs.

Four highlights from IFP founder Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi’s manifesto speech:

  • “I want this generation to understand that what we witnessed in KwaZulu-Natal two months ago was not a bolt from the blue. The civil uprising that brought chaos to our streets and devastation to our economy was born of a deliberate strategy of putting politics before every other consideration, even the lives of South Africans. South Africa was dragged into their internal political war, and we all became collateral damage.”
  • “When President Ramaphosa declared that under his predecessor South Africa had endured nine wasted years, we had hope that things would now change. But two years later our country is more deeply mired in corruption, than ever before.”
  • “I cannot fathom a party that destroys its own country for the sake of internal factional politics. Our country is governed by a party that puts itself first, far ahead of the people it is meant to serve, far ahead of our needs, and even our survival.”

Video: SABC News’ Political Editor Mzwandile Mbeje speaks to IFP leader Velenkosini Hlabisa

Read the full IFP 2021 Local Government Elections Manifesto:

-Compiled by Amil Umraw, SABC Specialist Researcher

-Source – UDM Manifesto