VIDEO: Gauteng earthquake possibly linked to Türkiye quakes: Dr. Gideon Groenewald

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Gauteng was struck by an earthquake with a magnitude of around 4.5 in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The epicentre was in Gauteng’s East Rand but it was felt in the centre of Johannesburg as well as to the North and West of the City and it was felt in Pretoria.

Geologist, Dr. Gideon Groenewald says the earthquake is possibly linked to the Türkiye quakes.

“In Johannesburg this will be the first one in six years. It seems they are increasing. We must remember that the plates in the earth are moving. I think that this is probably related to the quakes in Turkey that was very serious. The African plate was associated with that plate. And it is highly possible has just now rebounded a little bit because of that plate.”

Meanwhile, the Council for Geosciences has urged the public to be vigilant, as there is a likelihood of after shocks following this morning’s earth tremor.  Emergency Services from Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni says no fatalities or injuries have been reported to them so far. However some people have posted videos and photos on social media of minimal structural damages to their properties.

Geologist, Dr. Gideon Groenewald on Gauteng earthquakes: