Video evidence admissible in Panayiotou trial

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Judge Dayalin Chetty says a video used as evidence is admissible in the Panayiotou murder trial adding that middleman Luthando Siyoni was a willing participant.

The judge has been delivering his judgement for over three hours.

Judge Chetty also made comments on chief accused Christopher Panayiotou’s involvement in the case.

Chetty says Panayiotou was not forced to meet with Siyoni when the police were conducting the undercover investigation.

He read out the conversation between Panayiotou and Siyoni where they were talking about the murder.

In the conversation Panayiotou tells Siyoni that he needs to disappear as police are on their tails.

Chetty also added that there is nothing binding the police to get permission from DPP to conduct the undercover investigation.