Vetting process will enhance and ensure integrity of the party: ANC

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The ANC says the vetting process of the 200 names on its National List will scrutinise each name raised by party branches.

The party says the process will work towards enhancing and ensuring the integrity of the party after the 2019 vote. The ANC is holding its National List conference in Umhlanga near Durban.

The party’s National List has been endorsed by the party’s alliance partners including the SACP.

Acting party spokesperson Dakota Legoete says they will check that those on the list have not breached the ANC’s code of conduct.

He says, “They must have experience, education or expertise that would enable them to make a contribution in the relevant legislation of Parliament,  must have no criminal record after 1996 that resulted in a sentence of 12 months or more without an option of a fine. This excludes political crime committed before April 1994.  They must have no history of ill discipline or corruption, must not have history of involvement in fostering divisions and conflicts within the movement, must have no other breaches of the ANC code of conduct in terms of rule 25 of the ANC constitution.”

Press conference below: