VBS Mutual account holders accuse the bank of apathy

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VBS Mutual account holders have accused the bank of apathy.

The bank has been put under curatorship following allegations of corruption by stakeholders. The curator has called on small depositors to close their accounts at the bank.

Thousands of depositors have to stand in long queues to withdraw their cash every day.

With the long and winding queues, some of the people had to queue since the early hours of the morning and some may return home empty-handed.

Customers with less than R1000 in their accounts must close that account before the end of August.

This is an attempt by the curator to ease pressure on the beleaguered bank. The curator has dismissed claims that the bank is shutting down in two months

Nnditsheni Tshithavhane says: “The bank is closing the accounts because it is becoming expensive for the bank. Some people have not deposited money into the accounts for a long time.”

Consumers say they will invest their money into bigger consumer banks