Vavi warns against singing of divisive songs

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The Congress of South African Trade Union’s (Cosatu) Secretary-General Zwelinzima Vavi has cautioned delegates at the trade federation’s 11th congress with regard to singing songs in support of some of the alliance leaders.
The delegates at the congress broke out into a pro-Jacob Zuma song and made a two-finger sign, widely held to mean support for a second term for President Zuma.
Cautioning the delegates, Vavi says, “There is nothing wrong with singing songs in support of our leaders but there is something wrong with singing songs against leaders of the alliance. ”
“We should not show signs,” added Vavi.
In retaliation, the delegates sang a song saying “Thina sinovalo.” One of the delegates explained that this song meant they were scared because they were being told they should not sing songs announcing their preferred leader.
The delegates however continued singing the songs making the same hand gesture they were cautioned against. On the first day of the congress, the delegates were warned that they should not sing songs which may divide the alliance. The Congress comes to end today.

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