Van Rooyen wants State Capture Commission’s scope to be expanded

Des van Rooyen
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Former Co-operative Governance minister, Des van Rooyen says he is at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture to show support for former President Jacob Zuma because of the good things he has done before and during democracy in South Africa.

Van Rooyen says some of the witnesses who have testified at the commission gave “clumsy” evidence about the former President.

He has called for the scope of the State Capture Commission to be expanded. “I am one of those who are advocating for such and it will accord everyone an opportunity to present his side of the story.”

“Unlike having this process focusing on few individuals, it will be good if we want to unpack this notion of State Capture. This should not be targeting individuals because this is very serious. State Capture is not a simple thing as has been portray to be.”

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