Convicted murderer Henri van Breda’s bid to appeal his conviction and sentencing is to be heard in the High Court in Cape Town on Monday.

Van Breda was found guilty in May of murdering his parents and older brother as well as the attempted murder of his younger sister.

He was handed three life terms for the murders and an additional 15 years for attempted murder.

The court found that Van Breda had attacked his family members with an axe at their home in the De Zalze estate at Stellenbosch in 2015.

He claimed his family was murdered by an axe wielding intruder.

Judge Siraj Desai had listed all the allegations made by Van Breda in his testimony that he found odd, including that the dog did not bark at the intruder; that the accused disarmed himself, that he left the kitchen door open and that the killer would wipe out an entire family and leave one person alive.

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