Judge Siraj Desai has found Henri van Breda guilty on all three counts of murder of his parents and brother  as well as the attempted murder of his sister.

Van Breda has also been found guilty of a fifth charge of obstruction of justice by the High Court in Cape Town.

They were killed in their Stellenbosch home in 2015.

Van Breda claimed his family was murdered by an axe wielding intruder.

Judge Siraj Desai earlier listed all the allegations made by Van Breda in his testimony that he found odd, including that the dog did not bark at the intruder; that the accused disarmed himself, that he left the kitchen door open and that the killer would wipe out an entire family and leave one person alive.

“The accused phoned the emergency service from the cordless landline phone. The accused did not check on his family during the time he fell. He thought he did not have the physical capacity to help his family at that point. The duration of the emergency call was exceptionally long. It is strange that the accused did not attempt to stop the blood flow from Marli’s wounds.”


Earlier, judge  Desai  said the  van Breda sustained textbook self inflicted wounds on the night his family was hacked to death at their luxury home at the Zalze Estate in Stellenbosch.


Van Breda seemed to nod off struggling to keep his eyes open as Judge Desai detailed the wounds suffered by his family and his own self inflicted wounds using a knife.

Desai said in his finding that the accused teenage sister, Marli ,fought hard for her life. Though her wounds were life threatening she survived the attack. Her brother Rudi suffered the most severe of the attacks.

The court also found that there was no second axe used during the attack, the one belonging to the Van Breda household was the murder weapon.

The police testified that the crime scene at the house in the luxury estate was not consistent with a house robbery as nothing was stolen. Judgement is expected to expected to continue after lunch.

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