The levels of Gauteng’s main water supply, the Vaal Dam have increased slightly to just over 30% after the recent heavy rains in the province.

The dam’s levels dropped to a record low of just over 29% at the end of last month.

The current wet weather is expected to persist for the rest of the week.

Department of Water and Sanitation spokesperson, Sputnik Ratau says officials will be monitoring dam levels.

Ratau says, “The province of Gauteng has seen heavy rain over the last few days and this has stabilised dam levels in the province. This week, up to this morning, we have about 92% which is similar to where we were last week, so we haven’t seen much of a change. It seems like we are beginning to see a slight surge upwards in respect to the Vaal dam. As of this morning, it shifted a little higher to 30.2%.”

In the video below, the Vaal Dam levels drop to 35% in September:

In 2018, the Vaal Dam was reported to be contaminated by sewerage flowing into it from the Emfuleni waste water works.