The United States Senate will continue with negotiations on a ballooning economic stimulus package after hitting a roadblock Sunday when Democrats blocked a procedural vote to advance the legislation.

The package, which could be as large as $2-trillion in response to the economic impacts of the coronavirus in the country is expected to put billions of dollars back into the hands of individual Americans while providing some buffering to industries and sectors hardest hit by the outbreak – particularly airlines, hotels and small business in general.

This as the pandemic exceeds 340 000 cases globally, with hundreds dying daily in some European countries.

Confirmed coronavirus cases around the world: 

Italy is the epicenter now. Spain not far off.

Between just those two countries in the European Union, more around 1200 deaths daily as 50 Cuban doctors and nurses arrive in northern Italy to aid in the response there.

In Japan, formal consideration now being given to postponing the Summer Olympic Games after Canada and Australia withdraw participation.  (1024)

As countries everywhere struggle to enforce social distancing with collective action seen as the only viable solution to bring down the COVID-19 curve. Governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo says this is no joke…

“I was in these parks and you would not know anything was going on. This is just a mistake. It’s a mistake. It’s insensitive, it’s arrogant, it’s self-destructive, it’s disrespectful to other people and it has to stop, and it has to stop now. This is not a joke and I am not kidding.”

Frontline health workers from coast to coast continue to raise concerns that they’re not receiving adequate supplies of protective gear as the Federal Government ordered the national guard into the hardest-hit states to assist with increasing bed capacity and other logistics.

President Donald Trump says, “As we continue to marshal every resource at America’s disposal in the fight against the Chinese virus, we are profoundly grateful to our nation’s state and local leaders, doctors, nurses, law enforcement and first responders who are waging this battle on the ground. It is absolutely critical that Americans continue to follow the federal government’s guidelines, so important, about social distancing, non-essential travel, and handwashing.”

In the video below, the US is looking at economic stimulus:

On Capitol Hill, Senate Democrats refused to advance a massive stimulus bill causing further consternation in the markets that tanked at the opening Monday.

Democratic Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren says the bill will help workers and hospitals…

“We don’t have enough details from the Republicans, but in our caucus there is great unhappiness with how they’re trying to advance a proposal that would be great for giant corporations and leave everyone else behind. We’re not here to create a ‘slush fund’ for Donald Trump and his family or a slush fund for the Treasury Department to be able to hand out to their friends. We’re here to help workers. We’re here to help hospitals. And right now, what the Republicans have proposed does neither of those.”

The Republican Senate majority furious at the delay but expected to again put the legislation to a vote to move the bill forward as Republic Leader Mitch McConnell explained.

“What we intend to do here in the Senate is to move forward with a Senate bill. I’m hopeful and optimistic we’ll get bipartisan support because this bill has been negotiated on a bipartisan basis here in the Senate. And we’re still talking about those issues where there is still some disagreement. But make no mistake about it, we’ll be voting tomorrow.”

Adding to the consternation, Kentucky Senate Republican Rand Paul testing positive for COVID-19 with at least five Senators now in self-quarantine as the virus now hits at the heart of US Government. Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney is now also in quarantine after interacting with Senator Paul.

“Very, very unhappy to hear that Rand Paul has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Wish him the very best.”

New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio- in charge of the hardest-hit city in the country – warning that April and May will be much worse.

New York City the epicentre of COVID-19: