US Senate Judiciary Committee members evenly split on Brown-Jackson

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The Senate Judiciary Committee in the United States will vote today on whether to advance Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination to the Senate Floor ahead of a final vote.

Committee members are evenly split between Democrats and Republicans with all 11 members of the GOP expected to block her nomination.

Even if there is a tie in Committee if all Democrats vote in favour of her nomination as expected, the majority party could use a floor procedure to bring the nomination to a final confirmation vote among all 100 Senators.

Brown-Jackson could be first black woman to head US Supreme Court

Jackson is expected to make history as the first black woman to sit on the nation’s highest court, even with just Democratic support. At least one Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine has indicated she will vote in favour of the nominee when the process is advanced to the full Senate even as Republican leadership urges its caucus to block her nomination, calling her record radical and alarmingly extreme – a position Democrats have labeled baseless and unfair.

A final vote on Jackson’s nomination could happen as early as Thursday or Friday this week.