US president Joe Biden expected to announce ban on Russian energy imports

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US President Joe Biden is expected to announce a ban on Russian energy imports later on Tuesday as part of his administration’s punitive measures against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

The US will ban Russian oil, natural gas, and coal imports.

In guidance from the White House, Biden is set to announce actions to continue to hold Russia accountable for its unprovoked and unjustified war on Ukraine, without adding more detail.

President Biden has been under growing pressure from both Republicans and Democrats with House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, earlier indicating that they were exploring legislative options to isolate Russia further including by banning oil and energy imports to the United States.

The Senate had also introduced a bipartisan bill to ban Russian oil imports.

It’s unclear how Europe will react to the US moves given their close coordination on sanctioning Moscow to date with that region far more deeply reliant on energy imports from Russia, particularly natural gas.

Oil prices have surged since the war in Ukraine and Western nations’ economic response to the invasion.

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