US decision to pull out of the UNHRC regrettable

Michelle Bachelet in South Africa
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The decision of the United States (USA) decision to pull out of the United Nation Human Rights Commission (UNHCR) was regrettable.

That’s the view of Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet, who wrapped up her visit to South Africa this weekend.

Bachelet is in the country to commemorate 70 years of the signing of the Human Rights declaration under the theme: Stand up for the Human Rights.

Speaking to SABC News Foreign Editor Sophie Mokoena, Bachelet says the UNHCR will pay attention to extending the participation of civil society in promoting and defending the human rights.

She also raised concerns about the harassment of media around the world.

“One of the things is that in some countries there is a concentration of the media that doesn’t permit more than one perspective, and in some governments they have been buying all the media so that they just have one view,” says Bachelet.

“On the other hand we need journalists that have all the possibilities of the freedom of expression and the freedom of speech and the freedom to show that there are different views and perspective and to inform people because people need to be informed on what is going on,” says Bachelet.

She says one of the one of the main priorities on one hand is to try to continue working to expand civic space, to support human rights defenders and also work to protect journalists.

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