Urology Hospital celebrates milestone of 3 500 robotic procedures

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The Urology Hospital celebrates 3 500 robotic procedures. The first hospital on the African continent to achieve this milestone.

Africa’s sole urology centre of excellence is located in a hospital that was built more than 20 years ago in Pretoria. The centre first acquired a surgical robot in 2013 and, as a milestone, has now purchased a new fourth-generation Da Vinci robot.

Urologist at the hospital Dr Kabo Ijane says the new machine has a broader reach than previous generations.

“The X which is what is the latest now. It is kinda like the 4th generation down the line. What it does is it allows us a couple of things we did not have in the old machines, where you are able to use laser-directed and voice-over directed, docking and setting up these machines. You are able to rotate the camera yourselves. It’s got more flexy smaller narrower arms. We are able to do this very complex surgery with very tiny little holes minimally.”