Urgent interventions needed to address challenges faced by Basic Education: Mabuza

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The country cannot move forward unless there are urgent interventions to address the Department of Basic Education’s challenges, says Deputy President David Mabuza in his capacity as the Chairperson of the Human Resource Development Council.

Mabuza was delivering opening remarks at the HRDC meeting held in Sedibeng TVET College on Thursday.

The college is credited for offering Mechatronics as a full course that integrates mechanical, telecommunication and computer engineering.

The Deputy President and his entourage of ministers and several Education MECs from across the country were left in awe by students who showcased their skills from TVET colleges – also highlighting the importance of the Technical Vocational Education and Training Colleges.

A student says, “I have implemented a sensor for safety if maybe the doors are closing in and you want to get in, it must interfere and the doors will open.”

“And as soon as I press here the doors will open and for a certain period and then the doors will close again,” explains another student. “Here we will stamp our logo and we will be…and this side we will be sorting our components.”

South Africa is still grappling with a struggling economy and high cost of living. The unemployment rate is sitting at 33,9%.  Over 35% of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are classified as jobless.

Basic Education needs urgent interventions: David Mabuza

Deputy President made a call for drastic measures to be taken. “Our ability to reverse the rising level of unemployment and poverty depends on our progress delivering training and skill development programs that will address the challenges of the moment apart from this in the schooling and training system. The reality is that we have an unsustainable high number of young people who are unemployed, something drastic needs to happen there as a council we need to put measures in place to ensure that those who have lost employment and learning opportunities are able to bounce back through a package of skills and development and interventions that will create viable oppositions in their lives.”

Mabuza further says for the country to win any fight against poverty and high levels of unemployment, it has to ensure that young people are empowered through education. “If we are to win the war against poverty we must find ways to keep our children in school.”

It is hoped that the Human Resource Development Council as a national advisory body established to build the country’s human resource capacity will ensure a prosperous and inclusive society as well as the economy.

VIDEO: Mabuza addresses the Human Resource Development Council meeting