Mossel Bay ready for elections

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Mossel Bay, along the Garden Route, was recently voted the top ranking municipality in the country. This little seaside town, which lies between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, is a popular holiday destination.

But it’s not longer just a sleepy little resort town. Today, it’s a bustling economic hub with many more industries set to expand there.

Mossel Bay has a population of around 6 000. Everyone knows each other.

Chairman, Mossel Bay Business Chamber, Dr Paul Kruger says more and more people are moving into the area, bringing along new business ideas and ventures.

Kruger says the town can look forward to new industries, such as a plant for the building of electric cars, as well as the manufacturing of solar batteries. “These are ventures on the horizon.”

Kruger says younger families are choosing Mossel Bay to settle down in, because of it’s easier, more laid-back lifestyle.

And with the growth in population, there will soon be a need for new schools to be built. The low crime stats in the area are also a plus.

Again referring to previous statistics, Kruger expects election day to go by smoothly, without any incidents in Mossel Bay.

And if the weather plays along, residents voting early enough, might just take advantage of the public holiday, and hit the beach, after making their mark.

Service delivery protests in George

George, which used to be a retirement village, has recently been rocked by service delivery protests as many people are relocating there finding business opportunities which is putting a strain on service delivery, hospitals and at schools.

The largest Rastafarian community in the country, that resides in George, say they won’t be going to the polls on Wednesday because they say it is not part of their belief to go and vote. However, they are not discouraging any of their members to vote if they see there is a party that can make a difference for them.

In Knysna a lot of people speaking to SABC News said they would be voting on Wednesday. They would be voting for change, better quality of life, a party that can give them better housing and tackle crime.