Zimbabwe’s opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance spokesperson Nqobi Mlilo says the unrest that has erupted in Zimbabwe has been a long time coming.

He says the people of Zimbabwe are under siege from the army and police.

Mlilo claims soldiers and the police are entering people’s homes in the middle of the night looking for people they suspect to have participated in the stay-away and also looking for the leadership of a number of NGO’s and MDC leaders.

Mlilo says since Wednesday a number of their leaders were arrested and are expected to appear in court on Thursday. Those arrested include activist Evan Mawarire.

Mlilo says what is happening in the country is a crime against humanity and has urged the South African government to use its political muscle on the continent to help bring change to Zimbabwe.

“The loss of one life for political reasons is bad enough and the loss of 10 and counting necessitates that SADC and the African Union intervene. It also necessitates that South Africa uses its duo political importance, it uses its muscle on the African Union to call for dialogue between major political parties in Zim the Movement for Democratic Change and Zanu-PF with a view there must be a transitional authority,” says Mlilo.