Unrest at E Cape school after teacher accused of impregnating learner

Flagstaff Comprehensive High School Logo.
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Lessons have been disrupted at Flagstaff Comprehensive High School in the Eastern Cape after allegations that a teacher has impregnated a Grade 9 learner.

It is alleged the learner has since dropped out of the school. Some parents allege that teachers demand sex from Grade 11 learners in order to promote them to Grade 12.

There is also a video circulating in which a teacher is shown in a compromising position with a learner inside the car.

There has been no schooling since Monday. Parents say though they have engaged the Education Department, it has failed to resolve the matter.

One of the parents had this to say.

“On behalf of Flagstaff Community, we saw that teachers of Flagstaff Comprehensive are sleeping with learners. Teachers are coming to school drunk, they are not teaching properly because students are complaining about maths, physical science and all that stuff. As a result learners decided to strike. If you are not sleeping with the teacher you are not going pass.”

Meanwhile, the Eastern Cape Education Department says it is assisting learners who have come forward with counselling.

Department spokesperson Malibongwe Mtima says investigations against the accused are under way.

“If there are things that need to be referred to the police, they are referred to the police, currently there is an investigation and there are discussions with all stakeholders. We have also called counsellors, psychologists to help these learners to be integrated back to the system because allegations of this mater are so high. So the person who is making these allegations needs to be assisted so that she does not lose hope in the department.”