Unrest breaks out in Westbury

Police keeping watch
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Police are keeping a close eye in Westbury, Johannesburg after new unrest in the area, with an attack on a bus station Tuesday morning.

A group of protesters have gathered, saying they will shut Westbury down after some suspects implicated in gang violence were allegedly released.

Earlier this year, mother of five Heather Peterson, was shot and killed in a suspected gang violence just metres from her house.

This came amid days of so-called Total Shutdown protests in protest against gang activities in Westbury.

JMPD Spokesperson Wayne Minnaar says: “Protesters have attacked and vandalised a bus station again in Westbury. The reason for the protest is not yet known, however there is a small group of women who are standing and the traffic flow is normal. JMPD and SAPS members are monitoring the situation.”