‘Unofficial biography of Pravin Gordhan’ to be available from this week

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Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan has been at the centre of many political storms in recent years, from being investigated by the Hawks to being fired from his position as Finance Minister.

As the spotlight continues to shine on the 72-year-old, seasoned journalist Chris Whitfield decided it was time to document his rather interesting career through his latest book which is an unauthorised biography of Gordhan.

Titled “Joining the Dots: An Unofficial Biography of Pravin Gordhan” – the book takes readers back to Durban in the early 1950’s chronicling the significant events and influences that shaped Gordhan’s life.

“We go through all the major events of his life. [In] those days there was a constant threat to his life. It was obvious … he had considerable courage and very strong morality to pursue. Today, what he has in common with that is his stance against corruption.”

“It is a moral and an ethical position that he has taken and he is very stern on it. The book will be in all the major book shops from this week. By early next week, it should be in all the book shops,” he adds Whitfield.

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