Universities South Africa (USAF) CEO Professor Ahmed Bawa says universities can’t force people to be vaccinated. This week, the University of the Free State announced that it wants all its staff and students to be vaccinated and provide vaccination certificates from the first of February next year.

The certificates will be needed to gain access to the university’s three campuses.

Professor Bawa acknowledges that forcing people to vaccinate is a violation of their rights, but says it is done for the good of society.

He says universities are trying to make campuses as safe as possible for students, staff, and visitors.

“Some universities are opting for vaccines to make the campuses safe because that’s the best way to do it from all the scientific evidence. I wouldn’t call it a mandatory policy, but I would say is that clearly, the University of the Free State wants to require all of its students and staff to be vaccinated. But of course, they can’t force people to be vaccinated. Of course, it’s a violation of your right, but is a violation of your individual right on the basis that it’s what is good for society.”

VIDEO: University of the Free State SRC reacts to possible mandatory vaccines: