Unisa outsources salary negotiations talks

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The University of South Africa (Unisa) has sourced the services of an independent negotiator to reach a settlement with over 4 000 staff members who downed tools amid salary negotiations.

Striking Unisa staff members are demanding a salary increase of 8.9 to 9%, whereas the university is offering only 6.3%.

The country wide strike has adversely affected the registration process at numerous campuses.

Acting Director of Communications Lusani Netshitomboni says the university’s latest salary increase offer was rejected by labour unions.

Netshitomboni says, “There have been ongoing discussions and engagements with the unions, but unfortunately there is a deadlock and as a result the strike is still on. The university at the last meeting, put on the table a 6.3% increase and the unions rejected that because they are demanding anything from 8.3 to 9%. Furthermore, the University has approved the appointment of an independent facilitator to try and break the deadlock but as we pursue that, the strike is still ongoing,” says Netshitomboni.

Registration at Unisa campuses has been halted as many workers have not returned to work.

Netshitomboni  has encouraged students to make use of the Unisa online registration portals, as the registration period has been extended.

He says, “A lot of our students that would normally come to campus across the country to register because they might not have access to data or computers, those are affected. We are saying to those who have access to any means of registering online, we are encouraging them to register online whilst the strike is actually going on…

He said the university acknowledges the impact of the strike and has extended the registration date from the February 1, 2020 to February 7, 2020.