Union threatens to fight SABC until the very end to avert job bloodbath

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The Communication Workers Union (CWU) say they will fight the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) until the very end to avert a job bloodbath at the public broadcaster. The second facilitated session between the SABC leadership and organised labour has just been concluded.

This after the SABC announced that it intended retrenching 600 permanent staff members and 1 200 freelancers, as its financial woes continued.

The SABC says it has agreed to have meaningful engagements with all parties involved.

CWU’s Nathan Bowers says they must engage with the staff internally before they can even issue Section 189 notice.

“Based on what the Portfolio Committee on Communications told them in no uncertain terms, so we have told them, ‘go back and withdraw your Section 189.’ They cannot commit to withdraw the entire Section 189, but they have committed to engaging with us outside the process. To each and every worker of SABC, assist us in monitoring that the implementation of the agreement that we got today is being implemented. As CWU, we are going to fight it with nail and tooth to ensure no worker at SABC will lose their job.”