The City of Johannesburg spent R21-million refurbishing Union Stadium in Westbury, but all the money has gone to waste due to failure to properly secure the facility leading to vandalism and theft of infrastructure.

The vandalism and theft happened after the facility was closed in 2017.

It had been deemed unsafe for occupation after some of the buildings developed cracks.

The project involved the refurbishment of the historic Union Stadium into a Multi Sporting Complex.

Residents of Westbury, in Newclare, and Sophiatown want an investigation launched into the multi-million rand project.

Community representative Emmanuel Sundowns says youngsters end up abusing substances because of lack of sporting facilities.

“We want action on this place as soon as possible,” says Sundowns.

Sundowns says they are worried about the place being invaded by squatters.


“We will get up tomorrow and this place invaded by squatters. Then we’re going to have a problem. How are you going to get them off the land? There is no housing. People will invade this place and we going to have a big problem.”