Union slams management for stabbing of prison warder

Spokesperson for the Gauteng Department of Correctional Services Singabakho Khumalo
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Police and prisons civil rights union Popcru blames management of correctional centres for the stabbing of an official by a maximum security inmate in Johannesburg on Monday.

The incident allegedly took place while the warder was single-handedly transporting the inmate from the correctional centre to court.

While the department of correctional services says it has launched an internal investigation into the matter, Popcru says officials should refuse to escort inmates to the courts or hospitals if the ratio is not two to one excluding the driver.

Popcru spokesperson Richard Mamabolo says the situation was predictable.

“This situation was predictable when you isolate members who work for the department like that it is supposed to be expected. So we do not see any form of investigation that will come up with anything substantial except for the department to really take responsibility and ensure that they’ve got their house in order, in ensuring that correctional officials work in groups and their safety is prioritised”.

However, spokesperson for the Gauteng Department of Correctional Services Singabakho Khumalo says investigations are under way.

“On that particular day there were 5 inmates who were going to the Gauteng South High Court, and there was a security plan around it. Hence the investigation must assist us and tell us – was that particular plan followed? Because that will really indicate to say if there was a breach, where did it happen? When the inmate was leaving the centre or at court, where did he access the sharp object that he used to stab our official?”


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