Unemployment rate stems from the State not doing enough: Lawyers for Human Rights SA

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Lawyers for Human Rights says South Africa’s high unemployment rate stems from the state not doing enough to ensure that the injustices of the apartheid-era are properly eradicated.

This as the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) announces plans to introduce a new Bill in Parliament, proposing the rationing of jobs and forcing businesses to prioritise South Africans over foreign nationals.

IFP MP, Liezl van der Merwe will pilot the proposed legislation which would ensure that at least 80 percent of those employed by businesses are South Africans.

In the video below, IFP proposes a quota system to deal with unemployment: 

Head of the Refugee and Migrants Programme at the Lawyers for Human Rights, Sharon Ekambaram, has described as misleading the notion that the employment of foreign nationals is the cause of the country’s high unemployment rate.

“Stats SA says there is no more than 3 million people in our country who are foreign nationals. We remove all of them, are we gonna remove that problem of unemployment? Any Bill or any policy that is formulated on the basis of exclusion and delusion is not gonna solve the problem and it’s a complete lie, I would say by the IFP. They must show us how this job protection is going to increase the number of jobs that are available and that more South Africans are gonna get jobs. Its nothing but propaganda, you know, it’s scapegoating foreign nationals because the current ruling party and the political parties have not got a proper solution.”

In the audio below, growing calls for South Africans to be put first for job opportunities:

In the video below, increased unemployment in SA due to COVID-19:

In the video below, Stats SA postpones release of unemployment figures: