Underperforming cadres will be fired: Mbalula

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Secretary General of the African National Congress, Fikile Mbalula, has called for party deployees who are not performing in government to be fired, saying ministers and mayors will soon face the chop when the party reassess service delivery.

He said this while delivering the memorial lecture of the late former ANC Youth League President, Peter Mokaba, in Bochabela, outside of Bloemfontein.

The ruling party’s Secretary General has issued a strong warning to cabinet ministers who are sleeping on the job, saying they will have to up the game or ship out of government.

He states that ANC deployees in government must make sure that the agenda of service delivery is implemented.

Mbalula says things will drastically change in the ANC and subsequently in government, to ensure that service delivery is a common occurrence. He told ANC Youth League members, who were in attendance that there is no time for lazy people in government.

“Cabinet ministers must be busy, and it’s my job as the SG to tell the president, lomntu ulele lo, makahambe (This person is asleep, they must go). That’s my job. We must not speak a lot of English, President, why are you keeping people who are sleeping on the job, when we’ve got an abundance of talent here. We want runners, sifuna aba Gijimi (we want runners).”

Mbalula has also lashed out at the executive mayor of Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality, Mxolisi Siyonzana for sleeping on the job.

“They must know we’ve got an appointment with them, we will evaluate them, we will ask questions. Why do we still have a mayor here in Mangaung who we don’t know what he’s doing? Why?”

Mbalula encourages ANC youth to be fight for what they want

Mbalula who lead the Youth League as president between 2004 and 2008 – has called on members of the ANC Youth League not to be apologetic for being militant and radical in their approach to issues affecting the young people of South Africa.

He said the youth should source inspiration from the likes of former ANC Youth League president, the late Peter Mokaba, who always sought to change the status quo of the youth in the country.

“Now the youth of the ANC today is taking from 1944. To Peter Mokaba then, it was a battle ground: economic freedom in our lifetime. You, comrades, must not apologise for being militant, you must not apologise and ask for things in the ANC. You must champion the cause of the Youth League. You must not go to the ANC begging and asking.”

Mbalula has assured members of the ANC Youth League that the party will raise funds to ensure that the National Conference of the ANC Youth League takes place before April this year. He says it cannot be that to this day the Youth League is on autopilot, being run through Task Teams.

“If we do not launch the ANC Youth League, it will be an indictment on me, and it will be an indictment on all of them whom I serve within the NEC. Help us comrades, help us and give us, the youth of South Africa, the leadership it needs,” said Mbalula.