Conflict in parts of Ethiopia’s northern region rages on as both the government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front claim they are making progress in repelling offensives. The United Nations says the situation remains “volatile and unpredictable” with more than seven million people reportedly in need of emergency assistance.

The United Kingdom is the latest to offer additional support of more than $39 million in aid. The fresh fighting in parts of Ethiopia’s northern region began even after the United States threatened new sanctions against those seen to prolong the war that began in November last year.

The United Kingdom, the second-largest donor to Ethiopia- says the extra support of more than $39 million is in addition to more than  $100 million that it has already provided over recent months. The United States has also offered more than $26 million in additional humanitarian assistance for the region.

The two transatlantic allies are pushing for measures to be taken to encourage more humanitarian access into parts of northern Ethiopia claiming there is a de facto blockade of assistance to the region.

The UN says many humanitarian partners in the Tigray region have significantly reduced or halted response programs due to a lack of fuel, cash, and supplies. It says since the beginning of the year, $64.2 million has been received in paid contributions from 11 donors – to the Ethiopia Humanitarian Fund that is targeting support to the North.

But more is urgently needed. Humanitarian agencies are more strained because fighting that spilled over to neighboring regions of Afar and Amhara has rendered over 1.7 million in need of emergency support in addition to the over 5 million people that the UN says needs help inside Tigray.

The government of Ethiopia has denied blocking aid into the region saying it is also leading humanitarian assistance to those affected by the conflict.

Senior Lecturer at the University of Keele’s School of Law Dr. Awol Allo says the government of Ethiopia seems determined to resolve the conflict:¬†